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Loren Kieve has been either lead or co-lead counsel in civil litigation with venues ranging from Maine to California and Alaska to Florida. He has tried or settled virtually every kind of civil case, and has overseen serious internal investigations involving potential criminal law issues. He has extensive experience in domestic and international arbitrations. The following is a sampling.

Internet Software Provider Litigation

He represents a Canadian online retailer in litigation against a major U.S. internet business solutions provider for breach of contract and misrepresentation.

Breach of Contract Litigation

He represents a nationally recognized educator in litigation against her former employer for breach of its agreement to promote the acclaimed system of curriculum courses she designed.

FDIC Litigation

He represented the Trustee of a bank holding company in litigation against the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation arising out of the FDIC’s takeover of the holding company’s subsidiary bank and the transfer of $127 million from the holding company to the subsidiary bank prior to the FDIC’s takeover.

Synergy Acceptance Litigation

He represented the Trustee of a financing company in litigation seeking to recover millions of dollars in funds that were transferred from the company by its former officers prior to its bankruptcy.

American Frontier (Marine), Inc. Litigation

He represented a ship brokerage company in litigation over shipments of petcoke and other commodities to Asia.

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