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Artist: Jeff Kahm


Pequiven v. Dow Chemical Represented Pequiven, a subsidiary of PDVSA (Petroleos de Venezuela SA), in an international arbitration against Dow Chemical for breach of an agreement to construct a chemical plant in Venezuela.

Mobil Corporation v. ACE Insurance, et al.; ACE Insurance, et al., v. Mobil Corporation Represented Mobil in two related international arbitrations over major insurance coverage.

Bechtel Corporation arbitrations While head of claims and litigation at Bechtel Corporation, represented and advised the company in numerous major international arbitrations involving the company’s construction activities.

Hotel Owner v. Hotel Management Co. Served as party-appointed arbitrator in a confidential arbitration involving a major hotel operator and the owner of a luxury hotel and resort property involving claims of breach of contract and wrongful termination of the hotel management agreement.

Mine Owner v. Mine Seller Assisted Asian counsel in U.S. aspects of a confidential international arbitration of claims involving misrepresentations in the sale of a large-scale mining property in Asia.

Discus Dental v. Align Technology Represented Discus in an arbitration against Align Technology for breach of a distribution agreement.

Whiteside v. Tetechl Corp. Represented John Whiteside in an arbitration for breach of an executive employment agreement with Teltech Corporation.

Teltech Corp. v. Whiteside Represented John Whiteside in a subsequent arbitration involving claims of breach of fiduciary duty, tortious interference with contractual relationship, defamation, and conspiracy to injure another in trade, business or profession.
See Whiteside v. Teltech Corp., 940 F.2d 99, 100 (4th Cir. 1991), for a description of both arbitrations.

American Arbitration Association Was the featured luncheon speaker on discovery in arbitration at the AAA’s major annual luncheon in New York.

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